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Open Practice


Jeremy Lipkowitz

So hello and welcome to our final day of meditation. Today, we’re going to practice, mostly an open meditation. So Ill be offering a little bit of guidance, but for the most part, youll be on your own So when you ready to get started, go ahead and close your eyes.


If you wish to take a few deep breaths, you can do So giving yourself permission to Just explore this meditation. Letting go of any expectations of what should happen in this section. and so notice where your mind is. What are you paying attention to? You can bring your awareness to the feeling of the breath. Tapping into the raw physical Sensations. Or perhaps practicing the body scan and just moving through the body. Being aware of different parts of the body piece by piece. and just keep bringing your attention back and asking, what am I paying attention to? Where Is My Mind? And how am I related to What’s arising? 

No matter where you are, just seeing if you can practice and non-judgmental awareness. Just observing. Being patient and kind towards whatever arises. the moment you realize that you’ve been lost in thought seeing if you can acknowledge it without judging yourself, and coming back to the present moment patiently. With gentleness. It’s returning to whatever object of meditation, you have chosen to work with. The breath of the body. Sounds or thoughts and feelings. Noticing, how are you relating to your experience? Is there anything that you are judging? Just practicing this calm equanimity. 

All right. Now its like this. Whenever you are unsure what to do, if you can always bring your attention back to the feeling of the breath. Just tapping into your direct experience of the present moment. Is there anything distracting you in this moment? And allowing your attention to observe What is distracting you? Judgmentally observing the present moment. and then, for the last few moments of this meditation, let’s let go of any meditation. Practice, let go of mindfulness. And just allow your mind to wander. Allow your mind to do whatever it wants. And then we’ll take a deep breath in to end some breathing in deeply. And breathing out slowly. You’re own time, allowing your eyes to open. Coming back into the room. Great work on this last meditation. There’s one more video left for you, so, whenever you’re ready, I’ll see you in the next video.

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