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Working With Doubt

Working With Doubt

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Working With Doubt


Jeremy Lipkowitz

Hello, and welcome to day 12. We're almost at the end of the course. Today we're going to be working with the last of the major common obstacles in meditation. And  it's the obstacle of dealing with doubt in practice.

So doubt comes in many forms during meditation. Sometimes it comes in the form of doubting ourselves. Thinking, "Oh, Im just no good at this. I was never meant to be a meditator. Im never going to get this right. Why do I always make the same mistakes?"


These are examples of self-doubt that we might have. And sometimes doubt comes in the form of doubting the practice, or the method. So we might wonder, is this really working? What’s the point of doing this? Why should I follow my breath? 

Unfortunately, doubt can be a huge hindrance to meditation practice. You can actually derail your practice completely. It can make you not even want to sit down to meditate or to get up and leave your meditation once you’ve started. So this is why we have to really be careful with doubt. So how do we actually work with doubt? 


In this guided meditation we’re going to be going through a process of just noticing and labeling doubt. And really that’s all you have to do whenever you’re aware of thought that is full of doubt or judgment. Just going to label it, "There is doubt again." Just as we did with the painful or negative or difficult emotions, we just want to notice it and allow it to be there. We don’t have to push it away but just label it.


So when you’re ready to get started, go ahead and click on the next video. I’ll see you there.

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