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Finding Purpose in the Crisis

Joshua Freedman | 4:10


But I don't want to talk about the, the facts of Covid 19 because that's not my area of expertise. What I want to talk about is the emotions and what this anxiety means and what we do with it.

And I've noticed in the last couple of weeks this sense of, of heaviness in my. Or this pressure building up in the back of my head, thinking about all of our community members around the world who are struggling right now.

On the one hand, uh, we could say, well, it's just emotional. We should just push these feelings aside. And we could say anxiety is something bad or negative, but one of our core beliefs at six seconds is that emotions have value that are here for a reason. Uh, part of me wants to withdraw and retreat. Part of me wants to just stay in bed bad.

The message of anxiety is very hard to handle because it is so uncertain. But there's this other part of me. It says this means something important is happening.

Marilyn Jorgenson, who leads our coaching programs says when people are having big feelings, it's because they're perceiving something big. Now, those perceptions may or may not be accurate, but the feeling's real because that is what we're seeing. I was talking with Natalie Reitman, who leads six seconds in.

And she asked a question that I think is incredibly powerful. In a moment like this, when we look back on this situation in five or 10 years, how do we want to see ourselves? What was our role? What was our contribution?

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