Day 48 - More Effective Communication

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Yeshe Rabgye

Yeshe is a Buddhist from England, where he teaches meditation, Buddhist philosophy and mindfulness. He demonstrates Gautama Buddha’s teaching on compassion through the charitable trust ‘Sangye Menla’ that he founded in 2008. 

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Effective interpersonal communication is a key capability for both social and emotional intelligence. The outcomes of mindfulness in mental clarity, concentration, intuition and rapport all contribute to deeper listening, better understanding, and the equanimity to communicate effectively.

Mindfulness in communication is a traditional concept in Buddhist philosophy. It means to listen with awareness, empathy, kindness and objectivity - and to speak thoughtfully, clearly and respectfully.

Mindfulness is particularly important, and encourages better outcomes, in crucial or difficult conversations. Conflict narrows our attention. The mind pivots to focusing on our own emotions, or judging the other’s words or behaviors - and we lose perspective.

With mindfulness we can help widen our field of attention, step back and refocus, to listen strategically instead of reacting impulsively. Feeling the body - using our training to notice our thoughts and emotions without attaching to them - attending to our breathing - can all help us stay balanced and in the moment.

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