Day 53 - Align with Core Values 

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A great deal of stress and unhappiness is correlated with behaving in ways that are at odds with (what we believe to be) our core values. We’ve unconsciously defined those values through beliefs that may be inaccurate, outdated or simply inherited. Unwinding this anxiety is a process of determining consciously which of these beliefs to discard, edit, or formally adopt.

Every day, we’re presented with a series of decisions, large and small, that require us to make difficult choices. Our chosen values provide a baseline of what kind of person we  are, or want to be - and provide guidelines, or even imperatives, for our actions. This not only guides our actions, calms our conscience and gives us peace.

Our core values should be our own determination, based on our own beliefs, of what constitutes a moral and just life. Once we’ve sorted through, examined and intentionally chosen those values, it is much easier to align our speech and behaviors to stay on track, and to tack back when we’re blown off course.

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