Day 7 - Experiencing Insight Meditation

Tara Bugaiar

Tara’s path of self-discovery began when she was introduced to yoga in 2001. Her love for the practice expanded into meditation as she studied the Vedic, Transcendental, Buddhist and Kundalini traditions - and earned accreditation as a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher.

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The uniquely human capability of meta-cognition gives us the power to “think about what we’re thinking about”. This attribute is central to our abilities to project into the future, evaluate scenarios, weigh the odds, plan and organize - all critical requirements for creating cities, societies and government. 


Insight meditation employs metacognition to intentionally “stand apart”, and observe our thoughts, emotions, feelings and sensations as they naturally rise and fall, in and out of consciousness - without becoming attached, or reacting to them. This capability allows us to examine and question our biases, automatic conclusions, outdated information, irrational notions - as well as surface our true beliefs, values and intentions.


This is a simple and direct way to “see things as they are,” without the distortion of reactive and automatic judgment. In seeing ourselves and the world with greater clarity, we bring understanding to our habitual mental, emotional, social and behavioral patterns - and so, the power of conscious change.

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