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Organizational Mindfulness

Mindfulness represents a crucial paradigm shift for leadership and workforce development. It is a science-proven process for neural training, that delivers predictable and positive outcomes in human wellbeing, cognitive performance and emotional intelligence. These results produce more effective leaders, a healthier, happier and higher-performing workforce - and a safer, more inclusive, and more productive workplace.  


Organizational mindfulness should be a rigorously secular, science-based and performance focused discipline. Its unique value is to strengthen mental and emotional skills - and connect the outcomes to individual and organizational performance.


IOM programs are designed to teach mindfulness principles and practices, mapped to work and the workplace.    

Mindful Leadership applies mindfulness to strengthen today’s most important leadership capabilities


Mindful Wellbeing and Performance applies mindfulness to help the workforce engage and thrive 


Mindful Sales and Customer Service applies mindfulness to close sales and create delighted customers


Mindful Workplace Facilitator trains the trainers to bring mindfulness into the enterprise

Education Programs

Talent is the only sustainable competitive advantage, and the best workforce wins. More effective leaders, a happier and more engaged workforce, and a safer, more inclusive, more positive

and productive workplace all lead to greater innovation, higher

quality, more sales, and happier customers. 

Public Programs

Accessible, extra-affordable and designed for individuals and teams. Our flagship courses in mindful leadership and wellbeing start every other week, or you can schedule them as a dedicated training for your team of 10 or more.

Enterprise Programs

Choose a standard course and tailor it, or build a custom course from scratch with our 60-minute modular topics. Courses can be delivered live online, live onsite, or blended - and include optional self-study and unlimited coaching.

Provider Programs

We offer consistent standards of practice and rigorous certification programs for mindfulness teachers, executive coaches and consultants, who are helping their organizational clients with leadership, workforce and workplace challenges.

Therapy Session

A Path to Human Performance

Science-based mindfulness is a path to greater human performance. It increases our physical, mental and emotional fitness - changes our relationship to fear, anxiety, distraction and negativity - sharpens our clarity, attention and engagement - and strengthens our self-awareness and interpersonal skills. 

Mindfulness is a meta-skillset, and an important new competency for leaders and high-achievers throughout the workforce. It is, at once, a system of brain management, a conscious and intentional state of mind, and a neural training process with predictable and powerful outcomes.

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A System of Brain Management 

Three decades of research and thousands of studies across neuroscience, biology, psychology, and medicine have proven that mindfulness practice results in an array of positive benefits in health and wellbeing, cognitive performance, and emotional intelligence. 


These are critically important, as the velocity of change continues to outstrip the brain’s evolutionary ability to adapt. We’re working with a “behaviorally modern” brain, but evolution is measured in millions of years, while knowledge is growing on an exponential curve. In 1900, knowledge was doubling every 100 years. By the end of World War II, that rate had fallen to 25 years. Today, it’s every 13 hours.


The volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity in today’s society and workplace are producing serious new challenges for our physical and mental health. Understanding these forces, and how they’re processed in the brain and body, can help us overcome the pre-wired circuits that take us into harmful states of anxiety, distraction, and conflict.  

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A Process of Neural Training 

 Research in neuroscience has exploded over the past three decades, and our understanding of the brain is expanding at a rapid clip. We now know that the brain produces new neuronal cells, and changes in our networks and pathways, throughout our lives. We know that the mind can change the physical structure of the brain. And we know that many emotional states and immutable traits are actually trainable skills.


Mindfulness has become a daily training practice for the U.S. Olympics Team, the U.S. Navy Seals and Special Forces, the world’s top athletes and professional sports teams - and CEOs at 7 of the 10 most valuable companies in the world. Developing a durable practice takes focus, patience and time - but it is a remarkably effective path to higher performance and transformational change.

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"Google, SAP, Intel, Aetna, and a handful of others have already trained over 10,000 of their employees in mindfulness. More than 70% of the Fortune 100 are training teams of leaders and workers, somewhere in the organization. There are thousands of grassroots programs starting-up in the most progressive companies worldwide. This is a movement.”


The State of Corporate Mindfulness, 2018

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