Education and Certification

Our mission is to define the most effective science-based standards and best practices for organizational mindfulness — and we’re hard at work designing  courses and certification programs for leaders, the workforce — in-house and third-party teachers executive coaches and consultants.


Mindful Leadership for Supervisors and Managers

Supervisors and managers have day-to-day responsibility for the workforce - Yet according to a recent Gallup study, 82% of them are ineffective leaders —  and the gaps are almost entirely in soft skills, social comprehension and emotional regulation.

Mindfulness for Wellbeing and High-Performance

Everybody benefits from greater health, happiness, engagement and performance. Science-based mindfulness quiets, calms and focuses the mind, while it reduces stress, anxiety, distraction and conflict — and improves wellbeing, cognition and emotional intelligence

Mindfulness for Extraordinary Sales Performance

Successful, high-performing sales requires great mental strength and a complex series of psychological, interpersonal, and social competencies. Sales is a mental game — and strength of mindset, awareness and insight are more predictive of success than functional skills

What it's Like Out There

68% of people feel overworked or overwhelmed —  81% report daily stress at work — 57% feel stressed all or most of the time — 23% are extremely exhausted or burned out — 76% say work stress is harming their personal relationships — 60% to 80% of workplace accidents are a result of stress — 98% of people have recently experienced rudeness — 49% are regularly angry at work — 65% would choose a new manager over a pay raise — 29% have yelled at a co-worker — 25% have taken their frustration out on a customer — 68% of people self-report as "not engaged" — 70% are actively looking for a new job, or thinking about it "always, often, or sometimes." 

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