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Course Overview

The Mindful Leadership Certificate course is designed for high-potentials, supervisors, managers and executive leaders. It is a deep dive into the science and practice of mindfulness, applied to develop the mental and emotional skills for effective leadership


Over the past decade, mindfulness has been adopted into the training regimen of the world’s most elite organizations, including the U.S. Olympics Team, the U.S. Navy Seal Teams and Special Forces, Formula One Racing, the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, and dozens of professional sports teams.


Top global business schools, including Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, London School of Economics and INSEAD have incorporated mindful leadership into their core management programs. And the world’s most accomplished entrepreneurs and business leaders - including the CEOs at 7 of the 10 most valuable companies in the world - are practicing mindfulness. 


Why? Because mindfulness is a force multiplier for personal performance and effectiveness. This course builds on b-school insights, and lessons learned in the corporate trenches, to explore the principles and practices of mindfulness - and how they transform leadership results. 

Course Contents

  • Pre-and-post course assessments

  • A live 90-minute master class 

  • 8 weekly self-study lessons 

  • 8 weekly progress exams

  • A 56-day series of video practices, emailed each morning

  • 8 optional coaching sessions

  • A comprehensive final exam 

  • Membership access to IOM research, information and tools

  • Unlimited 24/7 phone, text, chat and email support

Graduates Earn:

  • A certification of knowledge, practice and skills

  • An authorized IOM-ML diploma 

  • Digital web and social media credentials

  • A right to use the Mindful Leadership certificate mark on signatures, documents, websites and social media

  • The certification does not expire - no recertification charges apply

Friendly Conversation

Learning Objectives

Mental and Emotional Skills

  • Effectively manage stress, anxiety, distraction and burnout

  • Increase positivity, motivation and on-task engagement 

  • Increase mental clarity and situational awareness 

  • Increase insight, self-awareness, and emotional control

  • Increase focus, attention control and concentration 

  • Overcome unconscious reactions and automatic behaviors

  • Surface and challenge unconscious beliefs and biases

  • Improve critical thinking and decision-making skills

Leadership Capabilities

  • Demonstrate authenticity, integrity and trustworthiness 

  • Increase empathy, compassion and kindness

  • Increase attunement and intuition

  • Increase creativity, mental agility and adaptability 

  • Increase social and emotional intelligence 

  • Lead effectively through change and uncertainty

  • Lead by influencing and mobilizing others   

  • Increase mental toughness, grit and resilience

Pricing and Start Dates

  • Mindful Leadership
    Certificate Course
    Mar 18, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM PDT
    Certificate Course
    90-minute Master Class
  • Mindful Leadership
    Certificate Course
    Feb 18, 10:00 AM – 11:30 PM PST
    Certificate Course
    90-minute Master Class
  • Mindful Leadership
    Certificate Course
    Jan 21, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM PST
    Certificate Course
    90-minute Master Class

Course Outline

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“Focus, clarity, creativity, compassion, and courage. These are the qualities of the mindful leaders I have worked with, taught, mentored, and interviewed. They give today’s best leaders the resilience to cope with challenges, and the resolve to sustain long-term success.”


William George, Senior Fellow, Harvard Business School, 

Former CEO, Medtronic

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