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Mindfulness of Breath

Mindfulness of Breath

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Mindfulness of Breath


Meg Levie

Mindfulness of Breath is the foundational practice of traditional mindfulness meditation. It is the principal instrument of informal practices aimed at calming, centering, acceptance, and overcoming mental challenges - and is the entry point for Buddhist formal practices and insight meditation. 


Breath Meditation is a simple four-step process: (1) Focus all of your attention on the sensation of your breath as it passes through your nostrils, or the rise and fall of your chest or belly - (2) Within 5 to 7 seconds you will be distracted by thoughts that rise naturally into your consciousness - (3) You will notice that you’ve been distracted, and so can (4) gently bring your attention back to your breath. 


Breath meditation reduces stress, anxiety, impatience, frustration, anger and aggression - as it strengthens neural circuits associated with awareness, attention and emotional control — the three superpowers of mindfulness.

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