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Self as Context

Self as Context

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Self as Context


Dr. Daniel Farrant

This is a self as context exercise. This is to help us with the process of being able to step back and notice all our experiences as they come and as they change and as they go. It is about being more able to see the stories that we’ve created about who we are, the labels that we give ourselves and getting better at being able to allow all our experiences, and all those stories, and all those labels, and all of our thoughts and feelings and sensations to come and to go. And to get more in touch with that part of ourselves that remains constant throughout all of the changing experiences that we have in our life.


So this is going to take a little bit of imagination. I’d like you to sit comfortably. Have your feet on the ground. Close your eyes. And imagine that you are miles and miles up in the sky. You’re above all the clouds. If you’ve ever been on a plane and you’ve looked out over everything, over the clouds, over all the landscape. Imagine that’s where you are right now. And you are the sky. Imagine you are the sky, that massive expense that everything happens inside. You’re above everything. You can see it all. The coming of day and night. Clear skies, when clouds form, storms, lightning. You can see tiny people on the ground and animals and forests and deserts in the world rotating. You can see it all and you can see it all changing.


Now just imagine that all of that change, all of those things that are changing: The landscapes. The clouds, the storms, everything that’s coming and going. Imagine that’s like your experiences, thoughts, feelings, physical sensations. Stories that you might have about yourself, labels that you might put on yourself.


If any particular thoughts or feelings do come up. Just notice those and imagine that they are like a cloud that’s floating by underneath you. It’s not who you are. It’s a transient event. Just letting all your thoughts and feelings and sensations be as they are. And noticing them as they come, and they go, and they change. Just breathing and noticing it all. 

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