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Mindful Sales and Customer Service

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High-performing sales and customer service require mental strength — and a complex series of interpersonal, and social intelligence skills. This is a mental game, and the strength of an individual’s mindset, motivation, focus and resilience are much more predictive of success than “functional” sales or service skills.

Neuroscience has proven that these intrinsic mental traits are in fact, trainable skills — and that mindfulness is a neural training process that develops and strengthens them, as it changes the structure and function of the brain.

Mindfulness develops the self-awareness to project authenticity and establish trust — the attention control to listen closely and create rapport — the intuition and empathy to discern subtle emotional cues — and the cognitive clarity to problem-solve, negotiate and persuade effectively.

IOM's Mindful Sales and Customer Service is a powerful intervention for individuals and teams alike. It gives professionals the emotional toolset to bring their best game every day, and to work in a state of high-energy flow.

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