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Mindful Wellbeing and High Performance

This program is also available as a public, open-enrollment course. Please click here to learn more, view the schedule or register.

Mindful Wellbeing and Performance is designed for the entire workforce. It teaches science-based mindfulness to reduce the chronic stress and anxiety of information overload, distraction and ADD, workplace negativity and interpersonal conflict. 

We all benefit from greater health, happiness, engagement and focus. Mindfulness unlocks these outcomes (and many more) — which lead to higher individual performance and organizational effectiveness.


The course kicks off with a 2-hour Master Class, that offers a comprehensive introduction to mindfulness — What it is, why it matters, how it works, how to practice it, what outcomes to expect — and includes hands-on experience with formal and informal mindfulness practices. 


It continues with an 8-week series of guided practice classes, or self-practice micro-lessons — a cross-platform mobile app — access to IOM Member tools and information — and unlimited support.     

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