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Course Overview

The Mindful Workplace Facilitator Certification provides passionate mindfulness champions, with the science and best practices for implementing mindfulness in the workplace.  


You don’t have to be a traditional meditation teacher to share science-based knowledge, lead mindfulness exercises, and facilitate a great experience. But to be truly effective, you need to bring the most current research, a practical level of personal experience, and be equipped with the right materials and tools. 


The Certification Provides:


  • A body of new knowledge for mindfulness and meditation teachers who are expanding their practice into business, education, healthcare and government organizations. 

  • A science-based framework for mental health and wellness professionals, life counselors and business coaches, who are helping clients develop mental and emotional skills for the workplace and beyond.

  • An opportunity for experienced individuals who are passionate about mindfulness, to bring it into the workplace in an effective and sustainable way. 

  • A simple, low-cost way for organizations to integrate mindfulness into the company and culture, with facilitators trained to create well-organized and scalable in-house programs. 

Course Contents

  • 4 hours of pre-course self-study

  • 8 weekly live 90-minute classes

  • 8 weekly self-study lessons 

  • 8 weekly progress exams

  • 4 bi-weekly 1-hour team practice and discussion sessions

  • 8 optional coaching sessions 

  • A practicum-style final exam 

  • A facilitator’s toolkit of program-building resources

  • Membership access to IOM research, information and tools

  • A private alumni community of fellow teachers, trainers and facilitators

  • Unlimited 24/7 phone, text, chat and email support.   

Graduates Earn:

  • A certification of knowledge, practice and skills

  • An authorized IOM-MWF diploma

  • Digital web and social media credentials

  • A right to use the Mindful Workplace Facilitator certificate mark on signatures, documents, websites and social media

  • The certification does not expire - no recertification charges apply


Learning Objectives

Facilitate Learning and Adoption

  • Understand mindfulness through a performance lens 

  • Integrate the most current, most rigorous science 

  • Map the outcomes of practice to organizational objectives

  • Connect mindfulness to individual and team performance  

  • Apply practices that strengthen specific capabilities

  • Skillfully lead mindfulness practices and exercises 

  • Coach participants with your knowledge and experience

  • Help supervisors implement mindfulness in their teams

Create an Effective and Sustainable Program

  • Choose a model that fits with values and culture 

  • Develop a facts-based business case to gain support 

  • Create a blueprint and step-by-step business plan 

  • Incorporate best practices and lessons-learned

  • Successfully launch, promote and grow the program

  • Communicate it to effectively to leaders and teams

  • Create alliances to extend the program across the enterprise

  • Create the metrics and analytics to measure business results


Eligibility Requirements

This course is NOT a mindfulness teacher certification program, nor is it a meditation course. It is designed for qualified teachers, mental health providers, life and business coaches, and passionate, experienced mindfulness champions.  To participate, you must have a foundational knowledge of mindfulness, a personal mindfulness or other meditation practice, and a desire to help leaders, teams and organizations. 


You’re automatically eligible if you’ve completed:


  • A mindfulness teacher certification program


  • An 8-week MBSR, MBCT, or similarly rigorous program


  • Any of our IOM 8-week science-based certificate programs


You are also eligible if you have a solid experiential grounding in mindfulness practice, and confidence in your ability to help others through your direct experience. That may include:


  • A committed and consistent mindfulness practice


  • Participation in other mindfulness classes or courses


  • Participation in a university or healthcare program


  • Participation in mainstream online or video courses


  • Participation in day-long or multi-day meditation retreats


  • Participation in a meditation community


If you have any questions about your eligibility, please contact us here. We’ll be happy to work through it with you.

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