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Organizational Mindfulness

Organizational Mindfulness
A New Paradigm for Operations

Thanks for your interest in our new Organizational Mindfulness Program. We’re excited to introduce this entirely new category of practice. Just as MBSR was created as an intervention for pain and stress management - and MBCT as an adjunct to cognitive behavioral therapy - Organizational Mindfulness is created to scale performance for individuals, teams and the enterprise.

Organizational Mindfulness is a powerful new paradigm that offers two unique opportunities for operational leaders and professionals. First, the ability to learn mindfulness through an all-science lens, and apply it to increasingly complex and stressful operating requirements. Second, to understand that mindfulness is now an important professional capability, and to help your team and organization understand and adopt it.

The program consists of three interlocking but independent courses. The Organizational Mindfulness Certificate course runs for 8 weeks - followed by an optional 4 weeks for the OM Facilitator Certification - and a final 4 week option to earn the OM Teacher Certification, along with a license to teach the branded course, with turnkey materials and support.

The program may also be implemented as a mindfulness Train-the-Trainer program, and/or as a comprehensive in-house mindfulness program, with a turn-key curriculum, materials and resources.


If you’re interested, please connect with us below and we’ll send over course details and pricing.

Thanks for your interest in IOSM Organizational Mindfulness Course - we will reach out shortly with more information.

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Seating is strictly limited, so please let us know if we can help.  

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