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Mindfulness for Patients and Clients

Mindfulness for Patients and Clients
Learn to Share the Most Impactful Principles and Practices

Many healthcare professionals are discovering the positive impact that mindfulness has on their own anxiety, worry and burnout, and recognize the value it can offer their patients and clients. 

This new four-class series provides a simple, all-science framework and the skills to teach mindfulness fundamentals, and the most effective practices for managing pain and stress. It offers an immediately useful intervention that doesn’t require years-long meditation training or a certification to apply. 

Our objectives are to help healthcare professionals share and facilitate simple strategies and exercises that can effectively relieve or manage chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and burnout. This can be an extraordinary service that would otherwise require the more intensive (and so, unlikely) commitment of time and focus to complete a formal mindfulness course.

We recommend it for: 

  • Physicians, nurses and caregivers

  • Mental health counselors and therapists

  • Community and social services professionals

  • Personal care and direct services providers

  • Residential and assisted living professionals

  • Hospice and palliative care professionals 

If you’re interested, please connect with us below for additional information, program details and pricing. 

Thanks for your interest in IOSM Mindfulness for Patients and Clients - we will reach out shortly with more information.

More Ways to Connect

Please let us know if we can help, or if you’d like to discuss this program, or other all-science mindfulness solutions for the workforce. 

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