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Employee Engagement Needs a Reset

Organizational Mindfulness is founded on the scientific understanding that the outcomes of mindfulness are not a metaphysical construct, but a physical reality. The fact that an employee can be taught to train the brain for cognitive and emotional strength - is a game-changer for the organization.

Engagement is Dangerously Low

We're all trustees of our own store of human capital, and we alone decide whether, or how much, committed focus we'll contribute to our employer - and it’s up to the organization to prove trustworthy, and to earn that emotional investment.

That contribution represents a measure of our engagement, which is dangerously low across virtually every major Western corporation. This is not just an outcome of the pandemic, but a boiling-over of economic uncertainty, longer hours, higher stress and an increasingly toxic workplace.

Emotional Bonds are Frayed

Engagement, which represents the emotional bond between company and worker, has frayed, mostly because employees have lost trust that the company has their interests at heart. This tension isn’t new, but it’s become acute in the past several decades. It’s not something that can be healed with free snacks and a nap room. But it can be intentionally reversed through neural training

New Science, and a New Paradigm

Science is offering a fundamental paradigm shift that enables this new solution. For the first time, through neural training - companies can invest not only in the development of employees' functional and technical skills, but in their mental and emotional capabilities.

As importantly, we’re learning that mental states and mindsets are trainable skills as well. Which means that mindfulness not only trains specific work capabilities; it can fundamentally transform an individual's experience of the world, acting as a positive force multiplier for wellbeing, cognitive performance and emotional intelligence.

Rekindling Passion and Commitment

All-science mindfulness training benefits the individual, and the organization they serve. It re-engages employees by directing their attention to the present moment with curiosity, and strengthening the areas of the brain associated with interest, motivation, and personal productivity.

Among the many business benefits of mindfulness, this stands out as a powerful and straightforward opportunity for companies to rekindle the passion and commitment of their workforce. By embracing mindfulness, organizations can tap into the potential of their employees and foster a renewed sense of engagement, ultimately driving their success.


Institute for Organizational Science and Mindfulness (IOSM) is a membership association of human capital and operating leaders, educators, and executives, with a shared mission to bring science-based neural training into the mainstream of business, healthcare, education, and government. We're working to create a global community of shared experience, conduct research, define standards and practices, develop educational programs, and determine the measures, metrics, and analytics for organizational mindfulness.

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