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Why Should I Care About Mindfulness?

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

I'm just a simple, hard-working line manager — why should I care about mindfulness? — What’s in it for me?

Well, the answer starts with the nature of mindfulness itself.

Mindfulness is paying attention to the richness of the here and now. It is being present and aware in this moment. It is being curious and open to life as it unfolds. It is about living life differently… living on purpose – and living with engaged attention.

Mindfulness recognizes the transience of every moment and that every moment is precious because it will pass and can never be repeated or recovered.

Mindfulness gives us the perspective to pause and examine our thoughts and emotions as they arise and to decide how we will interpret and then respond to them – and what they will mean to us.

A Mindful Framework 

This simple power can be the difference between suffering and joy, between fear and courage, between failure and success. What we choose to believe determines the quality of our being, and the quality of our being, in turn, determines how we live in the world and how effective we are at what we do.

I bet you can see how useful this whole framework might be for you as a manager. Being open and aware are stepping stones to authenticity and more effective leadership.

The abilities to pause, reflect and respond thoughtfully comprise the emotional intelligence that strengthens relationships and mobilizes others.

The power to choose what we believe, departing willfully from bias and the status quo – is at the heart of every great vision, at the center of every great company.

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Institute for Organizational Mindfulness (IOM) is a membership association of researchers, educators and executives, with a shared mission to bring science-based neural training into the mainstream of business, healthcare, education and government. We're working to create a global community of shared experience, conduct research, define standards and practices, develop educational programs, and determine the measures, metrics and analytics for organizational mindfulness.

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