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Three decades of research and over 6,000 journaled studies across neuroscience, psychology and medicine have proven the remarkably positive physical and emotional benefits of mindfulness.


Yet to date, less than 3% of research has been directed towards the practical application of those outcomes in organizations, or in society more broadly.

IOM Research is aimed at that gap — Our mission is to direct science-based mindfulness to improve critical skills and competencies, change mindsets and behaviors, increase performance and productivity — and solve our most intractable human capital business problems


IOM Workgroups

Join an IOM Workgroup to help surface thought leadership in how mindfulness is applied to specific business functions (HR, L/D, Sales, etc) and Industries (Hospitality, Healthcare, etc)

As a workgroup member, you'll join a rapidly growing and active community within IOM while simultaneously advancing your own career with support from our professional community. 


IOM Research Panel

Join our Research Panel and help shape the agenda for original research, aimed at the practical application of science-based mindfulness. 

Panel members agree to make best efforts to complete our semi-yearly research surveys (10-15 minutes each), and monthly pulse surveys (5 minutes) - In return, they’re granted exclusive access to the full final report and are invited to exclusive executive briefings on the issues and findings.  

2019 State of Mindful Leadership

Leadership in today’s VUCA world requires extraordinary mental strength and resilience — as well as cognitive clarity, critical thinking, complex problem-solving and decision-making skills — on a strong foundation of social and emotional intelligence. 


Help us understand the organizational challenges, the various stages of adoption, the impact on individual and team performance, and the best practices in Mindful Leadership to date.

Why Mindfulness Matters

"The reason for surging interest in mindfulness is simple and compelling — mindfulness appears to have broadly positive impacts on human functioning.


We may one day think of mindfulness as a root construct in organizational science, as it appears to shape human experience in a wide variety of functional domains, including thought, emotion, and action.” 


— Good, Liddy, Glomb, Journal of Management 2016

IOM Research Underwriters

Research Underwriters help us plan and pursue the studies that further our mission, enlighten our members, and advance the practice of organizational mindfulness. 


Underwriting IOM Research offers a unique opportunity to connect, provide thought leadership, and build relationships with senior leaders in business, health care, education and government. 

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