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Sales Performance
Mindfulness That Earns Trust and Closes Sales

Thanks for your interest in our new Mindfulness for Sales Performance program. This curriculum teaches the mental and emotional skills that top sales performers apply to close more sales, and create delighted, loyal clients.  

Mindfulness trains self-awareness and self confidence - sharpens critical thinking, complex problem solving and decision-making - quickly creates trust and rapport - and deepens our interpersonal relationship skills.  

IOSM teaches sales performance, not meditation. We teach mindfulness practices applied to the unique mental and emotional challenges of sales - much like the world’s highest performing individuals and organizations, including the U.S. Olympics Team, the U.S. Special Forces, world-class athletes and professional sports use it - to win.


IOSM programs are completely modular. Choose a class, a series of classes, or an 8-week certificate program that includes pre-and-post course assessments, a blended curriculum, emailed daily practices, unlimited group coaching, and support

If you're interested, please connect with us below and we'll send over course details and pricing. 

Thanks for your interest in IOSM Mindfulness for Sales - we will reach out shortly with more information.

More Ways to Connect

Please let us know if we can help, or if you’d like to discuss this program, or other all-science mindfulness solutions for the workforce. 

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