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One Encounter, One Opportunity

Mindfulness, meditation, communication and interpersonal skills that transform your customer service capabilities.


The Serve Conscious Podcast is the voice of the mindful service movement, whose goal is to empower you to embrace service as a medium for your self-development.


Listen to inspiring guests from the trenches of customer service and mindfulness training — to reveal the potential of your role to bring inspiration, wisdom and self-mastery.


The tools, techniques and principles you’ll explore will not only upgrade your capability and career success, but also improve your health, well-being and happiness in every way.


Achieve the empowerment, professional growth, success and fulfillment you’ve always wanted.

Stefan Ravalli

“Real service feels like the person serving has an abundance of happiness and goodwill to share.  So finding success in your ability to serve depends almost entirely on your well-being”.

So says our host, Stefan Ravalli — writer, educator, podcaster and hospitality professional who has lived and breathed the art of service, all over the world. 




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