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What Is Consciousness


Donald Hoffman and Lex Fridman




Delve into the enigmatic realm of consciousness with this compelling exploration. From the ancient ponderings of philosophers to cutting-edge neuroscience, this book navigates the intricate landscape of our awareness. What defines consciousness? Is it merely a product of our brains, or does it transcend physicality? As science and philosophy converge, join the journey to unravel the mystery of our most intimate experience.


It is the most fundamental experience of all defining our waking moments and giving rise to all that we think and feel. Without consciousness we have no way of proving we or anything else

exists and Yet what it is and why we have it remains a mystery that some of the greatest minds have been unable to solve.. The only way I know I exist is because I'm conscious I wake up in the dark of a hotel room I'm Discombobulated because I'm jet lagged. I've no idea where I am, Who I am and what country I am. Yet I know I exist because I see something. Rapid advances in our understanding of how the brain works might one day allow us to pinpoint the parts of the brain that generate consciousness. But will something as objective as science be able to explain what it feels like to be us?

Consciousness - nature is private. It's subjective. I know about my consciousness from the first-person point of view. Other people don't know about my consciousness. Very indirectly Philosophers have been trying to answer some of these questions for millennia in the past

couple of centuries. Scientists have joined them. Debate can be fierce. In fact some scholars reckon, the puzzle of consciousness is something that human mind is incapable of solving. I think that's Not just wrong. I think it's culpably wrong. It isn't impossible at all. It's just that we

have to buckle down and do it. One thing that both disciplines can agree on is that consciousness arises in the brain.

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