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A Case Study on GE's Approach to Mindfulness Training

Debbie Jeremiah | 19:01


Hello, good morning quickly before I start. Hands up, who does mindfulness in their organization? So few of you do. Hands up, if you intend to do mindfulness, is that okay? So quite a few of you. Yeah.

So I have a confession to make, which is that I am not part of well-being within General Electric. I must be part of learning and development. And my role is to promote mindfulness, mindful leadership, help people understand the workings of their brain from a peak performance perspective. Okay, so it's not necessarily from well-being, although we know that the outcome of all of these things I'm going to talk about is actually well-being.

What I thought I might do for you today is just give you three of my top learnings that I've encountered in the last 18 months, two years. Albeit in GE, we were still absolutely scratching the surface. You know, there's so much we could do in this area.

So just a few key learnings. And I'll give you a few. So now I'll finish up with where we might go next. I'll try to leave as much time for questions as possible. Because I think that's where we get the juicy stuff.

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