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About Mindfulness Training

Rasmus Hougaard | 28:32


So I'm really happy to introduce this next speaker, Rasmus Hougard. He's been doing such incredible work out in the world. He's the founder and managing director of the Potential Project, which is a leading global provider of corporate mindfulness training solutions. The potential project works with Fortune 500 companies in 22 countries across North America, Europe, Asia, and a.

Their clients include Accenture, Nike, American Express, Microsoft, and Sony, just to name a few. The objective of their programs is to enhance organizational and individual performance and wellbeing through skillful application of mindfulness in a corporate text context. In 2009, after years of working with leading scientists, corporate executives, and mind trading experts, Rasmus launched the potential.

Thank you. The mission of the potential project is to contribute to a more peaceful world by helping individuals and teams in organizations become more mindful and effective in everything they do. Through the work of the potential project, Rasmus and his colleagues in the potential project have helped tens of thousands of individuals lead happier and more peaceful lives.

And now he'll help us do that here. So I like to welcome RA's.

So thank you very much for the introduction and thanks for the invitation of being here. It's always a pleasure to come with a great group of people with intentions of doing something processed with the world, which is what I very clearly experienced from this room. So thank you very much for being here.

I have a background in organizational development, in research, in organizational development. I have a background from the COR Sony Corporation, but before that I had been doing mindfulness training for 20 some years by now, and been teaching that across the world in Buddhist centers, meditation centers, and I really enjoyed that.

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