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Anxiety, Fear, Mindfulness & The Brain

Dr. Sara Lazar | 1:05:35


Good morning again, everybody. We're going to start off with a short mindfulness practice session just to bring ourselves into the room or into the body because our mind could be all over the place. Some of you may have been worrying about not getting into the room yet.

So we are going to now start with three beautiful deep breaths. You can keep your eyes open. If you prefer, you can close your eyes and just check in with the weather of your mind at this moment. Also, check in with your body and how it's feeling. Just accept whatever arises in this moment, whatever your body's feeling, and whatever the weather is like in the mind.

Even if there are sounds in the environment, be aware of the sounds. We're practicing complete bare awareness, applying curiosity – the first foundational attitude of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. Take everything in without judgment. Whatever arises, accept them as they are without any need to change what is happening in this moment.

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