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Are Emotions Contagious in the Workplace?

Brandon Smith | 15:20


So once you take a moment, and as you sit here right now, just notice, how do you feel? How do you? How do you feel feels you're sitting right there, close your eyes if you need to. Just kind of notice, how do you feel? Right now I want you to take a moment and try notice. How do your seats mates feel? Okay, so the person to the right of you? How does she feel? Or how does he feels personal life to you? Maybe the person in front of us giving off kind of a funky vibe, right? person behind you?

How do they feel no touching is necessary. It's an individual sport, okay. Just notice how they feel. We're gonna come back to this idea of how we feel and how others feel around us and the implications of that in a minute. But I want to open by telling you a story. So several years ago, I was working with a large nonprofit. And this was an amazing nonprofit, they were doing some incredible work in the world, and the CEO and hired a new CEO, new Chief Operating Officer. And they brought her in to really take that nonprofit from where they were to the next level, so they can really make a difference.

And within six months, she had done it, she had added all these new systems and structures, the nonprofit was operating in a way it never had before. And that was awesome. The CEO couldn't have been happier, the board could have been happier. But there was this one little nagging issue, her team or team never seem to really fully get on board with her as their new leader. And within about six months, they're going HR, and they're saying things like, you know, I'm just unhappy. I don't like working here, I'm kind of pressed. And they start using words like, she's kind of got a toxic personality.

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