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The question, marshmallows indicate your future success in order we will look into that, whether marshmallows and other sweet things can actually indicate our future success.

We're also going to check how it is for you. And we're going to look at what we call impulse control and how that can lead to genuine happiness, or just, you know, temporary pleasure. We'll start by having our CEO Suzanne bring around some nice things for the taster.

What will be presented to now this late combination of chocolate and melons, strawberries, please just kind of look, take the thing that is most appealing to you. If you're right now sitting just after lunch and feeling really full, and it's all just like, wow, let's take the one that is most. 

So you're not eating it yet. And for those of you who are invested in GSR This is not a race and experiment and don't ever ever do the race. And the thing in a CNC program is it's not very well conceived many places.

Speaking from experience, from experience, and it's not so much that people don't like it, but people will talk about it afterwards. And it will end with the CFO who says that they spent 15 minutes eating, embracing what is mindfulness is not something for organization because it's such a funny thing to do. And it can have so detrimental stories, just do that exercise

and documented on Vegas TV.

And we were so serious about corporate mindfulness and research and everything. The whole thing was about a minute know that eating that stupid racing. Yeah, so just don't do that. This is not a racing spirit. Okay, now you're almost all hanging out. Whatever it is okay, so now please pick up whatever you've chosen. Have a good look at it.

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