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Become an MMI Mindful Trainer and bring Mindfulness into Organizations

Sarah McLean and Dr. Laurel Geise | 57:25


 Hello and welcome. We are here to discuss the Mindfulness at Work program, which is new name is MMI Mindful. It's a program that we have perfectly designed to help you bring mindfulness into the workplace. And, um, I co-founded the program with Laurel Geis, who's here. She's the partner of the program and we're the master trainers.

And, um, we're talking today to people who are interested in finding out about mindfulness in the workplace and what kind of curriculum we would be teaching you to teach. And so, Laura, I'd love to turn it over to you because. We have an interesting story about how we met each other, and I'd love for you to tell it if you want to.

I would love to. Hey Sarah. Hi everyone. Thanks for joining us. Uh, I just love, okay, I'm just gonna say it. I really love Zoom  because I really love seeing everyone during this time where we're all, uh, safer at home. And actually, you know, Sarah and I, we just, uh, completed a three, three day intensive. Via Zoom and it was really a spectacular experience.

I really enjoyed it very much so, uh, that was an experiment. But I met Sarah. Let's see. So I met Sarah 25 years ago. Oh my goodness, when, um, I was at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing. Learning how to meditate. And when I learned how to meditate, Sarah actually gave me my mantra. So that's how we met. And so Sarah holds a really special place in my heart.

Uh, because as you all know, when you receive your mantra from someone, that's just a life changing experience. And it was from then when I learned how to meditate that I decided to become a meditation teacher. So I've been teaching meditation for 25 years, and, uh, my background is in, uh, teaching meditation and in corporate America.

I spent 30 years, uh, working with, uh, large organizations, fortune 500. I worked at, uh, m and t Bank out of New York. I worked at Fifth Third Bank out of Cincinnati, Ohio. I worked at a company called First American and also a company called Core Logic, and we actually worked with some of the largest, uh, banks in the world.

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