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Behavioral Evolution 2

Robert Sapolsky | 1:36:58


Stanford University.

OK. Let's get going. Various announcements, procedural things. A number of people want

more information about grading and what the exams are like, all of that. I think I mentioned

one-third of the points will come from the midterm, 2/3 from the final. In terms of the style of

the midterm, the midterm is heavily going to be about making sure you got down all the

factoids from the first half of the course, that you've got the basics of each of our proverbial


The second half of the final is all going to be about integration, thinking across the different

categories. So just a sense of that. Readings. Readings, as they are coming out, the books

are not required until the second half of the course. The handout on Monday, I think, said

which chapters of the [? Zebra ?] book you should read.

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