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Hi, and welcome to this short session on mindful performance breaks, what I'll introduce to you is a very simple formula of improving your focus your well being, and your effectiveness. 

In daily work life, when you're really busy. It's going to be really simple. It's really about how can you make breaks a source of high performance?

First of all, a simple question, what does a break actually mean to you? It's a break when you're chatting with a colleague. So when you're reading the news, so when you have time on Facebook, is it playing a game on your phone? What does it break really for you?

Also, consider how does brakes impact your mental effectiveness?

I guess you also experience like most people experience that when you're just a nonstop working, not keeping any breaks. At some point, your brain, your mind, your mental fitness simply gets worn out, it gets tired, and you become more easily distracted and more on autopilot.

Whereas if you keep regular breaks from time to time, you're tend to be a bit more focused a bit more aware, basically, more mental high performing.

So let's look at what the brain actually is and how it's working, how it can work in two basic operating modes. Because this is very important for us to understand what a real mindful break is. So the two operating modes of the brain is, first of all the conceptual, the operating mode of the brain where we are having words rational thinking, problem solving, it's really concepts on play here.

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