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Breathe Like a NAVY SEAL for Mental Alertness and Composure

Mikk-Alvar Olle | 4:38


This is Mick from King of Spades. Now, if you consider yourself as a modern knight, you are constantly looking for ways to increase your performance. What you might not know is that breathing is actually one of the simplest ways to achieve that. Follow me, I'll explain you.

You see most of us breathe in a wrong way, me included. We breathe with our. But this accelerates our breathing cycle to a point where it puts our body in a very specific stress mold called fight or flight. This in turn, brings about a myriad of, uh, biochemical changes in our bodies as well as impairs our ability to think clearly.

Now, if you are in a life threatening situation, this is all good because this helps us to survive. But being in that kind of state day in and day out is definitely not where we want to. Now in this video I'm gonna be teaching you two simple breathing exercises used by the uh, nights of today, the Navy Seals, and these are very effective and battle proven.

Let's go to the balcony. I'll show you.

The first breathing technique is something called a box breathing, and this is used by Navy Seals before they enter very stressful situation, like a combat, for example. And this technique, first of all, helps them to manage anxiety and secondly, increase mental alertness. And it goes like this. You start by inhaling for four seconds, very slowly, starting with the diaphragm, and then slowly move up, filling your lungs there, and then your chest.

So for four seconds, after doing that, you hold your breath for four seconds and then you. Exhaling also very slowly for four seconds, starting with the chest, then with the lungs, and then with a diaphragm. And then when your lungs are mostly empty, you hold your breath for four seconds. So it's four seconds in four seconds of holding your breath, four seconds out.

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