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Business Benefits of Mindfulness

Peter Bostelmann | 2:02


 So in being a leader and a manager of these big international engineering projects, what did you find out? This, uh, inner work practice, this mindfulness practice actually help you to do this more effectively? This mindfulness practice has helped. To do better with, uh, demanding situations. So when you lead in our environment, global projects, you at this time was still a blackberry is humming all, all day round, 24 hours.

So when it's a global project, I learned to, to reset myself, to ground myself to, to, um, focus better and to set better boundaries. What's important, what's not important, I think it also. Created more space that I could take better decisions. I noticed,

yeah, that I, that I became better in, in prioritizing what's really important here and what can wait. So that and inner muscle of, of clarity was strengthened. I noticed that it helped me to, um, in, when I had a strong, a very emotional day or emotional situ. To, to settle myself, to calm myself. Or even, even within the work day when there were situations that I could do a breathing exercise and I felt, oh, this is really helpful.

I'm grounding myself. I'm, I'm, I'm acting from a, from a more grounded, uh, and an active place as opposed to a reactive place where I was acting out of my emotions. So actually, I also learned to see myself more clearly and in my emotions and to today's language, I would say, to regulate.

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