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Change Management versus Change Leadership: What's the Difference?

Kotter | 1:50


Change management versus change leadership? What's the difference? The distinction between the two is actually quite significant. The world is increasingly using change management, which is a set of processes, tools, and mechanisms that are designed to make sure that when you do try to make some changes, stakeholders buy into the change.

The process stays under control and the project. Budget change Leadership is fundamentally different. It's about articulating a vision of the future, mobilizing resources needed to make it possible, and putting an engine on the whole change process to make it go faster and smarter. Change management tends to be more associated with smaller changes.

While change leadership is associated with larger scale changes, almost everybody uses the term change management because that is in fact what they do today. Change management is done by change management groups inside corporations. Assisted sometimes by specialized change management consultants.

Change leadership is done by leaders who have a clear vision of a better future for the entire organization. They inspire stakeholders to believe in the change and empower them to fight for it. Change management is planned and deliberate change. Leadership is urgent and empowers speculative. Driven by good, but yet unproven ideas.

The world uses change management today, but does very little change. Leadership, competitive pressure, which require faster, bolder responses is making change management by itself. Inadequate change. Leadership is the necessary solution to today's problems and opportunities created by a faster moving world.

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