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Daniel Kahneman and Daniel Pink at Wharton People Analytics Conference

Daniel Kahnerman & Daniel Pink | 52:47


Let me start on with. I'm going to start with a question here about some of your work. And I'm gonna start with an anecdote because I think it's, I think some of us have this experience. So I have a father in law. His name is Alan, because he has concerns about his age. He doesn't like his grandchildren to call him grandpa, or, you know, granddad, he wants to be known as big owl.

Okay. So big owl, is a very astute guy, very, very astute guy, and incredibly skilled poker player, he earned his way through law school playing poker. He is an incredibly accomplished lawyer was a corporate counsel at a very, very large firm. I mean, just he's a super smart guy. And so I talked to him a lot about books. And in November, he said to me, Hey, I just read this book called Thinking Fast and Slow. Have you read it? I said, Yeah, it's an awesome book isn't he said, Yeah, it's so good. It's about all of these, you know, ways that we're thinking goes wrong. I said, I really learned a lot from it. You know, I've made some of these mistakes. But in general, I'm pretty good. Like, I probably make fewer of these mistakes than other people. So you don't argue with big alibi, something like that. So we were there. I said, Well, big out what are you reading right now? And he told me the name of the book that he's reading. And he's I said, isn't any good?

He said, No, it's terrible. I don't like it at all. It's tedious. But I've already read 150 pages of it. So I need to finish it. So in the space of like, a few breaths, the man who had just read this was making that kind of cognitive, I don't want to say who the author of the other book was. Because that would not be fair to Walter Isaacson. But, but so are we hopeless? Professor Kahneman? Is it just hopeless? When the big hours of the world keep making these mistakes in the space of recognizing that they're going to make these mistakes? Is it hopeless for us to make these kinds of cognitive errors? totally hopeless. Goodnight, thanks.

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