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Do Gratitude Programs Really Make a Difference at Work?

Diana Jason | 17:27


It's a real privilege to be here today, particularly because the journey that we've been on at Schwab has been heavily influenced by the work of Bob and Mike and other researchers. So I feel really honored to be here. And hopefully you see a lot of what you're very proud of in your work showcased here.

I'm very fortunate to work for a company that has really believed in the collective versus individual success, we do have a vision to be the most trusted leader in financial services, we do try and look at our business through the client's eyes. And being able to deliver on that really requires everyone to feel that trust, and then that connectivity and that collective commitment internally.

So we were predisposed to showing some recognition and gratitude. But we realized, as we started digging into the research, that it was like an iceberg. And we were focused on just that tip of the iceberg above the water. And we were missing out on the incredible potential to focus not just on recognition programs, which is what most of what we had been doing at Schwab, but to expand our view to focus on gratitude and appreciation.

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