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Do You Dream of Creating a More Mindful Company?

Peter Bostelmann | 4:57


 It's amazing what what's happening. I mean, if you would've asked me two years ago, I couldn't have envisioned

two years ago I was, I was in field services, but that I'm an. Um, I was a delivery executive today. I'm director of mindfulness programs at sap

and for me for a long time it was something very private. So there was the reality in corporate America in a con, in the consulting services, and there was my personal meditation practice. And then little by little I felt like I want to bring this into the organization I'm in because so many people are on the stress.

So many people looking for something that helps. To be more even keeled, to be more focused.

And after attending the class this two day course, I was even more excited about the content feeling. This could be something which not just works at Google, but which also works at sap, which. A little more conservative, uh, business culture.

One target group was for employees, employee wellbeing. The other target group was for leaders, and we had there in the pilots a number of senior leaders. I think it was four VPs, even one senior vice president. And to my big surprise, it worked very. And to my even bigger surprise, the leadership class, the leaders were even more enthusiastic about it.

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