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Don't Worry. Be Grumpy

Ajahn Brahm | 1:02:16


So I'm a jolly good fellow. And I'm honored to introduce Ajahn Brahm, my fellow jolly good fellow. I'm a huge fan of Ajahn Brahm in the part of the world I came from, which is Southeast Asia and also in Australia. Ajahn Brahm is a big deal. He's like a celebrity. He's like a movie star. It hit us shades when he goes to the mall. He is a widely admired master, teacher of dharma, and Buddhism and meditation. And he's known for his wisdom, His intelligence and great humor and for telling great stories.

He's also very naughty. Meu example, naughty. The last time Yes, you the last time when we were together, I brought my father to see to see Ajahn Brahm and I got I wanted a book, autograph on my father. And then I was busy so I get a phone and say can go to Japan to authorize autograph for Ming's, Father, yeah. And then he put it to you and you wrote to mains father. So which is like today I had to say, Kay autograph my wife Cindy, Cindy. Otherwise, he was going to write to my wife, my wife. He's also among other things known for his leading role in advocating for the rise of Buddhist nuns for full ordination and for that, he got expelled from this order. I know that the last time we were talking about this, like, like we are in the audience and on stage, somebody was talking about this and we high fived each other like little hifi again. He said the best thing about being expelled from his order is the economy can only be expelled once.

Again, Bram, he is also the co founder of Bodhinyana, the first dedicated Buddhist monastery in the southern hemisphere hemisphere hemisphere. Yes, he's the coolest Hmong in at least the southern hemisphere is very cold and is is today, which is today also the largest community of Buddhist monks in Australia. He is the author of multiple books. And in 2004, he was awarded the John Curtin mater for leadership. Yes, mission and service to the Australian community. Yes. And with that, my friends, please give a warm welcome to Adam Bronk.

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