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Drive Real Change in Diversity & Inclusion ft. Khalil Smith

Khalil Smith | 54:50


 So speaking of those guys, let me introduce our two great subject matter experts. We have Khalil Smith, our VP of consulting and Research here at nli. Hello Kail and Marshall Bergman, SVP Corporate Solutions, also here, ATLI. Hey Marshall. There you are. Uh, and with that I'm gonna hand over to Khalil Kail.

Are you ready? I am ready. Can you hear me okay, Gabe? Yeah, you sound great. Look great. Wonderful. That's all I needed. Thank you for a little bit of an extra boost, uh, to do push for you. Nice. Um, thank you so much everyone for joining and you know, as Gabe said, we're really excited to have this conversation around driving real change in diversity and in.

Um, I was just looking through the chat and I love all the activity and seeing where everybody is calling in from. Um, I recognize some of the names, but I did also recognize, uh, my friend Rob from South Africa. I saw that come scrolling through. Um, so, uh, really excited to be here with all of you and, and thank you for spending your time with us.

Um, we know if you are interested in diversity. That probably means it in some way touches your work. Um, which means that you are probably pretty busy right now and have quite a few things going on, and a lot of people who are vying for your attention and a lot of people who would really benefit from your insights and your time.

Um, so we're honored that you have chosen to spend a bit of it with us and uh, Marshall and I are gonna do some, some really hard work to make sure that we really maximize this time with you. So a, a handful of things that we would love to chat about and for anybody that was on our webinar last Friday as well.

We talked about this idea of driving real change in diversity and inclusion, and along the bottom, what you'll see is over the past, probably like six or seven years, we've written a number of papers, white papers, um, we've written lots of articles. We've had webinars, we've had our summit. Um, we've worked with dozens and dozens of companies to really support them with their diversity and inclusion efforts, their strategies, their training, their behavior change.

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