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Each Person Is Suffering In Their Own Way

Angela Duckworth and Dr. Zeke Emanuel | 5:59


Is there all this anxiety, stress, distress, uncertainty? Is that natural? And what are we supposed to do to try to cope with it? During these weeks and months ahead.

generations and generations of evolution have given us the stress response. And that is the natural as you put it, Zika, the natural physiological and psychological response to threats. And if you're not feeling stressed right now, then something's wrong with you, right. And I think people need to hear that when you're having trouble sleeping, when everything is disrupted, you're not yourself, you're irritable. That's the stress response. And I can explain why but it's actually part of survival. It's actually if you manage it the right way, adaptive.

Angela, one, when we talk about people suffering, one of the things you said is that in this crisis, each of us has a choice between feeling like nobody understands how we feel, or in contrast, feeling like we're all suffering together. And that's a tough one. Because when you're actually physically alone, when you're actually not with your schoolmates, or with your your co workers, you can feel like you are going through this alone except much of the world's going through it with you.

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