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Emotional Intelligence During Uncertain Times

Cecily Mak, Bill Duane and Steph Stern | 1:01:11


Hello, everyone, and welcome. People are still joining us in this webinar space. Thank you so much for being here. As folks arrives, I would love to invite you to use the chat feature. And just share with us where you're coming in from. Where in the world are you located? So you can access the chat on the bottom bar of your screen. Oh, Costa Rica, Chicago, Cleveland, Texas, Brazil. Austin. Oh, all over the place.

Oh, wow. That was just so fun to see. What International Group? Wow. Wow. London, Zurich. Ottawa. Berlin. Wow. Yeah. Columbus. Toronto, Maldives. India, Ottawa. Wonderful. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome, everyone. I'm Steph Stern. I am a director at the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute. I'm joined by Bill Duane and Cecily Mac will give a little bit longer intros in a minute. But really, truly welcome, everybody.

Thank you so much for taking the time to join us in this moment. I know we all have a lot going on right now. And I also want to recognize that the three of us that are all white joining from San Francisco Bay area, and we will try and hold up broader perspective. And this is also really an invitation to all of you to share your experiences in the chat as well. Romania, Argentina, Virginia, super exciting to see where everyone is joining from, I just love that this is such a global community coming together for this hour, particularly in this time. So I'd love to hand it over to Bill in Search Inside Yourself. We really love to start with taking a minute to arrive. And to really bring our full presence into this moment. So Bill, would you meet us?

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