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Emotional Intelligence Superpowers

Marc Brackett | 58:28


 Hi everybody. Hi. So I guess my job is to ask you how you're feeling. Um, I think I'm kidding. I have to just say before I start that I. Create the title for my presentation. I have to put the onus there, and Danielle would probably get fired from this presentation title. Um, just kidding. Um, so I wanna start off with a quote.

Can I ask everyone to get some like maybe good posture in your seats? Some of you're like, take a nice inhale. Maybe just get settled and just think about how this quote resonates with you. And I'll just read it. No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

What do we think? Does it resonate with you at all? Are you thinking? Well, I'm pretty smart, right? My students at Yale say that a lot. Like, what do you mean nobody cares how much, you know, I know everything. I'm like, well, maybe about some things, probably not about how to interact very well, but, um, and you know, My work is primarily in education, so I, I work with school systems to help bring the principles of emotional intelligence into what I call the immune system of the way the school operates, from how leaders lead to how teachers teach, to how students learn, to how parents, parent.

And what I've learned over the years is that this quote really is the truth for the way education works. Um, as a 47 year old psychologist professor, um, I went back to the middle school.  attended about five years ago after, uh, 33 years ago of bullying. Uh, was a pretty horrifically bullied kid. And um, when I went back to my school, I had no memories.

Of anything I learned, I had no memories of, of my, even many of my peers. Uh, I couldn't remember any teacher's name, but I remember how I felt walking in that hallway, like the terror and the fear. Um, and I remember thinking, why didn't anybody ever ask me how I felt? Why didn't anyone ever attend to my feelings?

Um, Hence now I spend my whole life running around the world, getting everybody to talk about their feelings. Um, so one tool that we developed to help people become aware of feelings just at the basic level is called the mood meter. So I'm gonna teach you a little bit about this right now. All of you got some email, um, or whatever notice you got here at Google about a presentation on emotional intelligence, and you're here now, which is wonderful.

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