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Emotional Resiliency & Mental Toughness

Mark Divine | 4:24


 You know, our tagline for Seal Fit is forging mental toughness. And what I learned early on when I started teaching mental toughness is that it's, that's only like half the equation. You know, you know what goes on in your mind. Like you could be firm about not quitting and, but just be weak emotionally.

And it doesn't matter how much you think about not quitting, you're still gonna. Because you can't feel your way through it. You just, it's just too painful to think about the alternative, right? Of staying with something or you're, you get overwhelmed emotionally with an event and you make a catastrophic decision that you instantly regret, but it's a one shot deal.

In something like Buds and CCO Camp, we might give you a second chance cuz we're not here to at trite you, we're here to train you. We still have like a 30% attrition. Contrast that with the Buds training, which is 80%, and we could have an 80% attrition rate if we wanted. It wouldn't be that hard, but it's not our goal.

Um, so here's the thing. You can be mentally tough and not really connected deeply to a sense of purpose. And the first sign of real, real pain, like serious pain where like, Didn't expect this level of discomfort. Then you start looking for ways out and you start getting angry. Angry at yourself, angry at the coaching staff, or you start feeling pity, right?

And so all those emotions start to come up. You know, the primary component of emotional resiliency is self-control, self-control. Has both a mental and emotional component. They're really so closely tied, right? They're like two sides of the same coin, because you can have emotional responses that trigger thought, unhealthy thought patterns, and you can have unhealthy thought patterns that trigger the emotional response.

It's very rare to have a pure thought that doesn't have an emotion tied to it, and it's also very rare to have an emotion that's powerful without thinking about it. Am I right? It's like they, they kind of. One leads to the other. And so that's like that saying we have where the mind leads, the body follows equals equally true.

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