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Enabling Inclusion Through Mindfulness

Peter Weng | 1:00:59


 Hey, Jean. Welcome. Welcome. I wanted to take a couple minutes to just introduce, um, today's event. So for those that aren't quite yet aware, I'm Crystal Kalin. I'm the Diversity Inclusion Manager here at the laboratory. And today's, uh, presentation Perspectives on Diversity is brought to you from the Diversity Inclusion Office, as well as the d and i council.

The d i council has a few different, um, subcommittees there. One of them is the Diversity Inclusion Speaker and Socials activity, and Kelly Montgomery from Biosciences is, uh, the chair of that committee. So be on behalf of the dissa Diversity Inclusion Speakers and Social Activity and Diversity Inclusion Office.

We welcome you to today's presentation. So, um, today we have our guest speaker is Peter Wang. He is from the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute. Today he's gonna discuss how unconscious biases and automatic. Something from biases can be barriers to an inclusive environment by demonstrating practices mindfulness to increase self-awareness.

Peter will discuss how it is possible to see our reactions more clearly and surface automatic responses to the very stimuli. His talk will explore aspects of how mindfulness practice can be applied to recognized bias responses and enhance emotional intelligence. He will also share some of the scientific studies on the impact of mindfulness.

He's a vice president for Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute. He is also a Search Inside Yourself teacher. Previously, Peter was the director at Google and led various organizations there. Prior to joining Google, he worked at Dell, Roman Haas, and Argo Scientific. So Peter holds a bachelor's degree in Ag and biological engineering from Cornell, a master's in Environmental engineering and an MBA from ucla.

So he's like a colleague. Uc. Uc. First. Um, he has worked on mindfulness and meditation programs in various settings, including corporations and prisons. He serves on a Board of Insight Santa Cruz, and is also involved in supporting wildlife conservation and sustainable transportation. So please join me and Kelly and welcome our guest speaker, Peter Wang.

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