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Flourishing in a New Normal

Steven Campbell | 1:06:47


Welcome to the Growns Forum. I'm Denise Michelle, chair of the Growns Forum and your host for today. We want to also extend a warm welcome into our virtual audience. We are so happy that you tuned in. Our program is called Flourishing In a New Normal. I am very privileged to introduce our distinguished speaker, Steven Campbell.

Steven is an author, professor, and professional speaker. He holds workshops around the world, helping people become the person they've always wanted to be using. The science of cognitive psychology. His latest book is called Making Your Mind Magnificent. Welcome, Steven. Thank you so much. This is gonna be such an amazing time together.

So let me sort of get a set up here and we'll just, yeah, and I just wanna remind the, um, so we'll get together towards the end of the program for q and a. And I also just wanna remind the viewers that they can share questions to Steve in the comments area. Great. Take it Steve. Great. Well thank you so much.

This is gonna be an amazing time. We're in a, we're in such something that we never even thought of. Um, let's see. Let me, okay. L r e r share. I'm getting shared. Share. Share. Okay. And. Slideshow from beginning and enter. There you go. So change is not coming. It's here. And it's not only around the world, it is right next door and what we are now calling the new normal, the world is changing and calling it the same thing.

What I wanna share with you, first of all, is something that is gonna help you enjoy this time. As I get this presentation, people begin getting, because they wanna write everything down and all slides and all this, I'm gonna you, the problem with all that I have already written down every word I'm gonna say tonight and put the slides on the right and the words are on the left and I put them on a pdf.

So if you would like this presentation, At the very end, along with some wonderful links and some wonderful books, simply send me your email address and I've got my email address at the very, very end and I'll send it to you. That way you can sit back, relax, enjoy, and don't worry about getting everything down.

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