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Headspace - Meditation Obstacles

Andy Puddicombe | 4:18


So when doubt arises in the mind, it's really tempting to buy into those thoughts for some reason. Those thoughts sound a little more important, a little more believable than the other thoughts or thoughts about what happened yesterday or a conversation? We're planning to have H in a day or perhaps, I don't know, chores we have to do at home. Those don't kind of seem, you know, we know we're used to that we kind of know, they're, they don't require our immediate attention.

But somehow that little thought, little, little question mark doubt that arises in the back of the mind, somehow, it feels like it deserves more important, but it is just a thought. And like any other thought, the The aim here, the intention is to step back, to have a little bit of distance from the thoughts and the feelings, not to buy into them, not to get swept away by them not to get overwhelmed by them, but instead to see them clearly.

And to let them go. Now, of course, thoughts of this nature, have the potential to prevent us from even sitting down to get some headspace. We might not even have got to the point of beginning the exercise, and already the mind isn't doing I have time, I don't know, is this gonna work? Or are these techniques? Are they really going to make a difference? Even if we've done it before, even if we've experienced that difference? Still, these question marks my eyes in the mind. So it's really important that we kind of work with this in two ways. On the one hand, we saying, okay, these are just thoughts. We don't treat them in any other way. And at the same time, we can actually reflect and you'll notice, at the end of each kind of session, I always ask you to just notice how you're feeling now. And over time, the mind starts to recognize that it feels different now. And in recognizing that it gains confidence, it gains trust. And it's trust, not because I say it works, it's not because of historically these techniques have been shown to work or scientifically even. Instead, it's your experience. And you know, and you can reflect on that.

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