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How does this program impact your life? - Search Inside Yourself

Marc Lesser, Meng Tan, and Phillippe Goldin | 7:22


I, I was wondering how does this program search inside yourself? How does it impact your personal lives? So tell me something about, uh, how it impacts it. How do you, how do you practice with this, um, emotional intelligence stuff? Well, for me it's, uh, there's, there's endless opportunity to try to practice and integrate and to drop from intellectual to.

application and direct experience. That's one part. But the other part is just the, the shared humanity component. The, the fact that so many people show up, um, totally different backgrounds, experiences, and then that's always inspiring. And then you see people actually dropping into practice and struggling to figure out how this actually can be part of their lives.

That's very, um, nourishing and nurturing. It's, for me, is wanting to. But also just, um, that there's actually a hope for humanity with this program, touching hopefully thousands, hundreds of thousands, hopefully millions of people, and giving you little points of direction. That would be awesome. Mm-hmm.

that's great. Well, for me, it's very strange because it's become. . I mean, when I was, when I started this, uh, I have very small simple dream, right? Which is to create a conditions for will peace. That's all right. And so, so I didn't expect it to impact me, and in fact, I didn't even expect it to be possible. I imagine, remember time all you that, that this dream of will peace, I think is, is impossible, but I just did not be hard.

So it turns out to be hard and, and personally, a couple of things has happened to, to me, the first is, Such inside yourself has turned me into a DMA teacher. Right? Remember when we started doing this, I wasn't teaching because I didn't feel qualified, and then there was a budget card mm-hmm. , and because a budget card, I had to be involved.

And then after I started teaching, it turns up I don't really suck that much. Thank goodness for extension, you know, circumstances. That's right. Yeah. So, so it's like, I'm, I'm fairly good and, and getting better and better, getting better. And it turns out that I, I even wrote a book on. So I become a teacher and an author.

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