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How Mindfulness Helps Leaders Lead

Michael Apollo | 39:11




Welcome everybody. And, uh, Tonya and Zlatko. Uh, I think I saw you practicing with incense and candles in the back there, so well done. Great yoga postures. That's not what we're gonna cover. Uh, but it's interesting to see how the mind can go to a lot of different places when we start talking about mindfulness and some of these, uh, some interesting things that we're gonna explore here in, in this talk that I'm about to share with you.


And I think what Nick was sharing was, uh, so important. But there's some key ways. Like how, how do you, how do you know you're above the line or below the line, right? In this now moment, what the heck does that. So, I have a question here I wanna pose, uh, to all of you who here can define what your role is in the organization or, or how you function in the organization?


Can I see a set of hands? Okay. I think I, I hear a big sigh relief from Steven Howe on the corner there.. It's good that you guys know that now, who here and I'll call you out, can define what the mind is and how it function.

Crickets. Right. I, I find this fascinating that something that dictates almost the entirety of our human experience is almost completely unknown. And when we look at coming and figuring out when we're above the line, or be below the line in our leadership abilities, when we're being driven by reactivity and perhaps stress or these conditioned behaviors that have been evolved within us, this is essential knowledge to lead effectively, to connect effectively, to be aware of what's happening in the moment, to be able to connect empathically in our relationships with.


And so, something that, uh, Zlatko got, uh, a bit distracted there with Tonya's beautiful yoga postures is sharing that. Uh, some of the work that I did was, um, work on the executive team that brought in, uh, muse, uh, technology that, uh, has brought some of this mind training techniques to many people out. And so, we'll explore a little bit of what that is in a moment, but I'm gonna share a bit of my story.

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