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How to Become Mentally Stronger as a Person After Emotional Trauma/ Overcome Gaslighting

Lisa Romano | 27:48


 Need mental toughness for those of us who have been abused emotionally and psychologically. Especially if you've suffered narcissistic abuse you and you've been gaslighted. I mean, that sucks. So I know that I've experienced gaslighting and it is, it is so mean and it's, it's deplorable to think that someone's agenda is.

To set you on fire and watch you dance, and then to point the finger and go look at that crazy bitch. Look at her dance like she's crazy. You know, they're sticking you within new windows and they're insinuating things, and they're saying things that no one else can hear, and then they flash you a look and you react and he's pointing the finger at you, or she's pointing their finger at you.

I believe that is so psychologically abusive and cruel, but we don't have to be victim to it anymore. I wanna teach you a couple of things that I learned from studying Navy seals and just stick with me. Navy seals are some of the toughest sons of bitches on the face of the Earth. Now, most of them don't make it.

I think that out of like 140 Navy seals that, that are come into the program, I think only 36 make it. And so a lot of them can't, can't get through all. All these mental hoops that they have to jump through. So I think it's absolutely brilliant that the Navy comes up with these, this, these, um, training techniques to help help those who apply to become a Navy SEAL actually have, uh, a better chance of making it through the program.

So I wanna share with you some of the things that I've learned about Navy Seal mental toughness. So, um, they call it the big four. And the big four is goal setting, mental rehearsal, which is visualizations and self-talk. And, um, arousal control, which they control through in a nutshell. Breathing. If you go through my channel, you will see.

Now this is something that I'm just coming into awareness now, uh, but I was amazed because I'm listening to how these trainers are training these Navy Seals and I'm like, oh my God. That's what I coach, you know, visualization, goal setting, thinking about the. Meditation, breathing, controlling what you can control in the moment.

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