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How to Develop a Daily Mindfulness Practice

Gelong Thubten | 43:46


Good evening, I've got my, my favorite place behind me. So it's great to see you again. Sure you've had a great day. And this is now a workshop on meditation, which, of course, can be also called mindfulness. So I'm going to give a little class. And I just want to remind you of one or two key points that I mentioned this morning in my talk, and some of you might not have been here for that. 

So just to remind you that one of the big misconceptions about meditation is about the thoughts that come up when we meditate, and what what, what does that mean, you know, people try to meditate, as if they're trying to switch their mind off and go into a blank state, clear your mind, blank out your mind, still your mind? I mean, all of that doesn't work. Because the more you try to steal your mind, the busier it becomes. It's like if I say to you don't think about a monkey, you'll think about a monkey. 

And in fact, the more you try and push your thoughts down, the more they bubble up. And you've got to kind of question why would we think that that is the exercise what what would be the point of just zoning out into a kind of trance, that wouldn't really have much benefit. So it's a different game altogether. It's not about suppression, it's not about silencing the mind. It's about learning to not get so involved in the thoughts and just let them go.

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