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How to Know Yourself

Alain de Botton & Sophie Howarth (Founders) * | 5:58


Many of us are wondering the earth accomplished in many ways capable of fulfillment at many points. But with a fundamental wound that stops us from becoming who we truly might be. We don't quite know who we are. It isn't Of course, that we can't remember the basics of our biographies. we're unsure around two things in particular. Firstly, we don't have a stable sense of what we're worth.

And secondly, we don't have a secure hold on our own values, or judgments. Without knowing who we are. We tend to have particular trouble coping with either denigration or adulation. If other people decide that we are worthless or bad, there will be nothing inside us to prevent us from swallowing their verdicts in their entirety. However wrongheaded extreme or unkind these might be, will be helpless before the court of public opinion, will always be asking other people what we deserve before seeking inside for an answer. Lacking an independent verdict. We also stand to be unnaturally hungry for external praise.

The clapping of an audience will matter to us far more than would ever be wise, will be prey to rushing towards whatever idea or activity the crowd happens to love, will laugh at jokes that aren't funny. uncritically accept undeserving concepts that are in vogue and neglect our true talents for easy popular winds will trail public opinion slavishly constantly checking the world's whims rather than consulting an inner barometer. In order to know what we should want, feel and value. We need to be kind on ourselves.

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