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How To Meditate - What is Meditation

Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu | 10:02


 Hi, and welcome to this series of videos on how to meditate. In this, the first video I'll be talking about what is the meaning of the word meditation. First of all, the word meditation can mean many different things to different people. For some people, meditation means simply a calming of the mind and creating of a pleasurable or a peaceful state of, of being.

For some, Sort of like a vacation or an escape from the reality around us. For other people, meditation can mean a, uh, extraordinary or a special experience of some alternate state of reality, perhaps creating magical, uh, states of or super mundane states of awareness. In this video, I'd like to take the word meditation, first of all, back to its root, and explain it based on the meaning of the word meditation.

When we look at the word meditation, we can see that it comes from a root, very similar to the word medication. And so whereas medication means something which is used to cure the sicknesses which exist in the body, we then can understand meditation as something which is used to cure the sicknesses, which exist in the mind.

So as opposed to when we look at medication, we can see that as opposed to a drug, it's not something that simply creates a state of pleasure or a state of happiness for some time. It's something which is actually used to create, to affect a change in the body. Uh, a state of, of greater bodily health.

Bring the body back to a state. Its natural state of health. So in this way, meditation, we can see, we can understand it as something which not just not simply brings about a state of peace or calm temporarily. It's something which returns the mind, which may for many of us be in a unnatural, uh, state of being, um, based on its, uh, worries or stresses or, uh, condition.

Any kinds of conditioning from the world, the experience of the world around. Instead, we can see that meditation is something which actually affects a change and brings the body, brings the mind back to its natural state of peace and happiness. So in these videos we, it's important to understand that sometimes during the meditation it may not feel peaceful and.

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